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The Transforming Power of Education

The Transforming Power of Education
by Julie Nagasako 
October 2009

Here is a reflection on my Africa experience.

Shortly before leaving for the International Meeting of Lay Marianists in Nairobi Africa, I finished reading the book “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson. This book illustrates the power of education to bring change in rural Pakistan and the dedication of the author to his cause.

I saw the principles of this book in action when our Lay delegate group was taken to visit one of the Marianist ministries in Nairobi. Our Lady of Nazareth School serves children ages 5-14 years who live in the Mukuru slum. It provides a good education for the children who don’t have much hope for a better life other than through education.

The school was such an inspiration to me. It provides a safe, clean, beautifully decorated place with food for body and soul. In the United States we take our educational system and the many options we have so much for granted.

This trip helped me realize that providing the means for education is still a great need and makes me proud that the Marianists are there for those children.

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