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The Marianist Tradtion of Social Justice Lived by the Ruach Community

The Marianist Tradtion of Social Justice Lived by the Ruach Community
by Mary Andrews
January 2009
The Ruach Community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, like all Marianist communities, is made up of people who live very “intentional” lives. At first I was hoping we would share in a particular social justice project (for lack of a better word) but it didn’t take me long to realize that most of our 12 members were already heavily involved in justice work before they joined Ruach.

We are an older 12-some, already deeply committed before joining Ruach. Consequently, we have become a community focusing on prayer, education, support, and sharing. We meet twice a month, over a meal. We take turns planning the prayer and discussion for the evening (may invite a guest presenter) and rotate among our houses.

We (meaning one or several of us, but a unified “we” due to community life): (no particular order)

    • are heavily involved in prison reform through Our Children’s Place
    • cook, serve, and doctor regularly at the soup kitchen

    • are therapists who walk with others one-to-one in critical times
    • are liturgists within the church and take seriously the call to educate priests and laity
    • are present at every protest march there is
    • are living with an illness and have looked to gracing support groups and doctors with kindness and questions
    • see our professions as “mission” —teacher, doctor, therapist, secretary, nurse, architect, musician, liturgist
    • are builders of community wherever (our one retired member has done wonderful work through hospitality and inclusiveness in retirement village)
    • are attentive to stewardship of the planet through gardening, education, parenting, and life style
    • are supportive of one another (hospital trips, house projects, celebrations)
    • share our wealth with diverse local and international non-profits
    • are committed to family members and family life
    • are heavily involved in parish work (music, technology, Marriage Encounter, High-Life, Renew, liturgy, lector, committees)
    • are committed to speaking up for the rights of immigrants


We laugh. We pray. We try to be faithful to the gospel …together …. in our unique missions.

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