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Reflection from Bernadette Madden

Reflection from Bernadette Madden,
a senior at UD, whom MSJC sponsored as Ohio’s representative to the National SweatFree Summit in Olympia, Washington.
January 2011

With deep appreciation, I’m sending my thanks to MSJC for sponsoring me to attend the National SweatFree Summit in Olympia WA this past November. It was organized by the International Labor Rights Forum. What a great weekend it was! I was finally able to meet and network with many of my SweatFree Communities counterparts and others from around the country and globe (Mexico, Dominican Republic and Spain) who are similarly working toward worker justice and sweatfree purchasing in their respective areas. Together we had much time to share our campaign experiences with one another, exchange resources, and gather new knowledge while collaboratively brainstorming new methods and ideas for making our cities, states, nation and world more sweatfree and just. I think one of the most promising mechanisms that our national campaign has right now is the growing National SweatFree Purchasing Consortium ( Through it, public entities will be able to more easily and effectively ensure that the products they procure are ethical and respect the dignity of workers from the very beginning of their supply chains.

I am currently working with others at UD to restart a chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops and bring to campus Kelsey Timmerman, speaker and author of “Where Am I Wearing”, whom I met at the summit. Thanks for making my experience possible.

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