Women and Justice

Project Description

On October 1st Catholics around the world will honor the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church

Prayer for the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux1

Holy One, You are the source of all that has been, all that is, and all that will be. We call upon Your name today on the Feast of St. Thérèse of Lisieux to pray for all Your people. Bless all those whom You call to Your service. “With what love, O Jesus, I would carry You in my hands when, at my voice, You would come down from heaven. And with what love would I give You to souls!”

Rekindle in our souls the strength, courage and compassionate love of Jesus. Bless us that we might pursue the work of justice as our heart’s desire. We offer our lives to You.

We thank , Blessed One, for accepting us — strong and weak, firm and faltering, wise and foolish. Guide and teach us to serve through both love and service in the reformation and resurrection of the Catholic Church we love. Lead us in the path You envision for us, to minister through education and advocacy so that all those call to priestly ministry may respond and serve r people as have chosen.

Beloved and Holy God, thank for St. Therese’s strength and love. May we honor her and through our prayers and our love as we move forward to work for church renewal. Empower us with new life, a life of service to the People of God. We entrust ourselves and our church to Your love as we enroll others, by making them feel touched, moved and inspired. We make this prayer in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Blessed be. Amen.

Loving God, we ask You to respond to the needs of our time. So many women hear the call of Your Holy Spirit to serve as role models and mentors for other women; advocates against human trafficking. Help them to find time in their busy schedules to reach out to others. We pray today especially for those women who feel called by Your Spirit to be deacons or priest; guide them to embrace Your call and to know You will journey with them. We thank You for Your ongoing guidance and wisdom.

Note: Adapted to address all women in ministry. Large parts are taken from CATHOLIC WOMEN AND HOLY ORDERS:THE TIME IS NOW as well as http://www.womensordination.org.

Feminine Spirituality and Marian model within Catholic Church – To promote an increase in feminist influence in the church, in order to enable the church to benefit from all the graces given to her.

Barbara Belle, msbarbbelle@gmail.com
Glenn Miller, gg1027@hotmail.com
Dominic Sanfilippo, sanfilippo.dominic@gmail.com

Core value of Discipleship of Equals

Everyone has a voice

Three offices allow everyone to find a way to share according to their gifts

Human trafficking of girls and women – To identify issues related to human trafficking of girls and women.
Lisa Cater Hutson, lisahutson@msn.com
Aubrey Hartnett, aubreymarie.cc@gmail.com

· Education for Marianist, church, and social communities.

Leadership Roles – To encourage young women to seek role model and leadership roles in the church and society.
Katie Burns, katieb117@gmail.com.
Katie will work with LIFE team this summer.

· In the church and society, especially in government and professional environments.

· Through co-ed Marianist High Schools and Universities.

Mission Statement

All people are created equal as daughters and sons of God.  In practice, however, women have been devalued in human history. The Women & Justice Issue Team seeks to address the resultant injustices.

Summary of Women and Justice Survey
– 12 responses

– People are excited that this new Issue Team exists, but are wrestling with how to be
effective within the Catholic Church, as we all are as well, especially when it comes to
feminine spirituality and Marian Model of Church
– Pay gap, Feminist Christianity, typical “women’s jobs” being undervalued and underpaid
Question 1: When looking at the three specific issues the team will be focusing on to begin with,
what do you feel passionately about?
– Good news, people are passionate about all of these issues and are happy that MSJC
wants to address them!
Question 2: How do you feel we can best use the gifts of the Marianist Family to address this
– Create leadership roles for women within the Marianist Family and highlight those that
already exist, and ask those women to share their experiences and vision
– Foster safe spaces for women to dialogue about their experiences as women of faith
– Elevate the role and visibility of women within the church
– Advocacy/partnerships with advocacy groups
– Awareness raising
– Ensuring that we always have female voices at the table
– Letter writing campaign to Bishops
– Providing resources for MLCs about these issues
– Be a model of gender equality to the MLCs and encourage it within our own
– Knowing when it may be appropriate to choose not to have a full Mass in order to have
more gender equality in our formal prayer
– Encourage Marianist Institutions to further explore the Marin model of church with our
young people
– Commit to living out our discipleship of equals
– Develop/find and advertise opportunities for action or places to direct donations
Question 3: How can we, as Marianists, better empower women and girls within our respective
vocations and/or professional fields?
– Intergenerational women’s retreats
– Develop resources for our Marianist Institutions and MLCs to encourage women to
develop leadership skills and take on leadership roles
– Ensure that we see women as Eucharistic Ministers, lectors, musicians, etc. involved in
the Mass
– Give leading opportunities in prayer services to women so as to help women develop
their ministerial voices
– Offer a training for interested Lay Marianists on how to facilitate a conversation about
empowerment within their communities or places of work
– Challenge/Encourage women to lean into their gifts and claim their seat at the table
– Ensure there is no pay gap between genders for our employees
– Consider co-leadership for important roles within the Marianist Family where appropriate
so as to be able to have a woman and a man in that role
Question 4: What are ways we can encourage young women in Marianist Institutions (parishes,
high schools, and universities) to seek out female spiritual role models?
– Create a geographic map of current female Lay Marianists and FMI who would be
willing to be linked up with young women in our high schools and universities and use
social media to connect them
– Encourage female role models from multiple fields, cultures, religions to be brought into
speak at our institutions
– Engage with the secular community around these institutions to foster a dialogue and see
how people can be directly involved in their local communities
– Teach young women to be involved in the Mass where they are able
– In spaces where there are few women, make sure to dialogue with the men in those
spaces to remind them that they are key in promoting inclusion and respect
– Make sure we advertise the activities that are already happening at our institutions, as
many of them probably have some empowerment pieces in place

Question 5: What specific action steps do you suggest that the team takes to empower others to make change?

– Be more proactive in listening to women who are already in ministry in some way

– Be as visible as possible at Marianist gatherings

– Consider having a representative from your team join the MLCNA leadership team or the Assembly planning team

– Invite those who have felt ostracized by the Church into discussion to see if we can figure out how to get women to “reinvest” in the Church

– Create “templates” for how to put on an event in order to encourage MLCs or parishes to host panel discussions, speakers, film screenings, etc.

– Place a special emphasis on how to incorporate Marian model of church and respect for feminine spirituality at the male-only high schools

– Partner with other organizations already working on these issues

– Documenting successes in photos, etc. to be able to advertise and get others excited

Question 6: Are there any resources (individuals, organizations, websites, articles, etc.) that you would like to share with this team?

– In Dayton

o Mary Wodarski – UD Campus Ministry

o Laura Leming

o Laura Luehrmann

o Anne Petratis

o Ann Hirt

o Abby Saurine

– Written Material

o I am Malala

o Basic Handbook of Marianist Studies (Written by Carol Ramey and Larry Cada)

o Any papers written by Sr. Gaby Bibeau on these issues

o Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

– Organizations

o Swet Honey and the Rock

o FutureChurch

o Roman Catholic Women Priests (We need to be careful about this one so we don’t get the Marianists in trouble)

o American Friends Service Committee

o Leadership Conference of Women Religious

o Network

o Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation

– Other

o aSHEville museum – a museum dedicated to chronicling the empowerment and subjugation of women