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Women and Justice

Project Description

January 20
Pray for victims of domestic violence.. (source unknown)

Project Description

Feminine Spirituality and Marian model within Catholic Church – To promote an increase in feminist influence in the church, in order to enable the church to benefit from all the graces given to her.


Three offices allow everyone to find a way to share according to their gifts

Human trafficking of girls and women – To identify issues related to human trafficking of girls and women.
Lisa Cater Hutson,
Aubrey Hartnett,

· Education for Marianist, church, and social communities.

Leadership Roles – To encourage young women to seek role model and leadership roles in the church and society.
Katie Burns,
Katie will work with LIFE team this summer.

· In the church and society, especially in government and professional environments.

· Through co-ed Marianist High Schools and Universities.

Women’s justice within the Church

Barbara Belle,
Glenn Miller,
Dominic Sanfilippo,

Core value of Discipleship of Equals

Everyone has a voice