Our Story

MSJC Mission Statement

Through the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative, the three branches of the Marianist Family in North America (Society of Mary, Marianist Sisters and the Marianist Lay Network) unite and multiply the efforts of Marianists to act for social justice.  We offer hope, inspiration and opportunity for action through education, outreach and advocacy at the local, national and international levels.

 MSJC Vision Statement

Following the gospel of Jesus Christ, every member of the Marianist Family will empower individuals, families and groups to build the common good.  In solidarity with the poor and marginalized, we dedicate ourselves to promoting human dignity, protecting human rights, and stewarding earth’s resources.

The MSJC Steering Committee Members

Our Focus

The Marianist Social Justice Collaborative began in 1998 and since that time, we have continued the founding vision of the Collaborative: to educate the Marianist Family about social justice, to help Marianist Family members network around common social justice concerns and to provide community reflection and support for Marianists to do the work of justice. MSJC tries to operate in the spirit of our Marianist Founders in forming a community that draws from the contributions of the many diverse elements of the Marianist Family. Just as the method of our founders was to help form individuals and communities who would cooperate with the Holy Spirit under the inspiration of the Mary in building up the Body of Christ, so MSJC seeks to do the same in the area of social justice.

Our Goals for 2016

Goal 1

Support and encourage the Changemakers process during 2016.

Goal 2

Continue and expand as possible our fundraising efforts.

Goal 3

Identify ways to get new people involved in MSJC, especially as part of our issue teams.

Goal 4

Develop more effective ways for MSJC to communicate with our constituency.

Steering Committee