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“How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?” in the Nazareth Community

“How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?” in the Nazareth Community
by Jean Nickleman
August 2009

Jean Nickleman, a member of the Nazareth Lay Marianist Community in Dayton OH, wrote about how her community used the article, “How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?”

We found the discussion questions to be very good and thought-provoking. We limited ourselves to one meeting but they could have been divided into two meetings.

One point that came up in our discussion that we thought could generate another question surrounded the understanding that complete trust in the Providence of God is at the heart of true solidarity with the voiceless.

When we discussed the question of solidarity, we saw the best examples of that in people like Sr. Dorothy Stang, Mother Teresa, Bro. Miguel Angel Quiroga, Dorothy Day, Blessed Chaminade, etc. Reading their works, their letters, we see an amazing absolute trust in God that what they are doing is His will, not theirs alone. They don’t do their work based on seeing results (even though they often could see results), which is something that most of us seem to need to motivate us.

Our solidarity is minimal, at best.

We also understand that the best we can do is work for systemic change in whatever opportunities we may find. This discussion based on the reading and questions inspired us to do some small thing. We as a community have decided to look throughout the Dayton area for some such opportunity and we are beginning to formulate some plans. Hopefully later in the year we will be in some way involved with some issue and/or group. We will keep you posted.

Thank you for the material and inspiration. To order copies of “How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?” click here.

To get the community discussion resource that Jean refers to, click here.

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