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Fr. Paul -

We Will Miss You!

Fr. Paul Marshall SM passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on July 17. He had been a member of the MSJC Steering Committee for a number of years and was one of the founding members of the MSJC Anti-Racism Team. Paul was a strong advocate for social justice and a fierce opponent of every form of racism and discrimination. But he was also deeply spiritual and constantly called us to keep our efforts Christ-centered.

May our memorial to him be the redoubling of our commitment to root out social injustice wherever we find it. It's the kind of memorial Paul would want.

Here's What's New  


Justice Happenings

Information about gatherings, programs, resources and activities that help promote social justice.

People's Climate March Participate in the March on Sept. 21 in New York City, a global day of action on climate change. The March seeks to build momentum for an international climate treaty. GreenFaith an interfaith partnership for the environment, is mobilizing people of faith to support the march.
Advancing Justice - What are Marianist Lay Communities Doing? A brief overview of what some MLC's are doing to promote social justice.
· Catholic Social Teaching and the Minimum Wage Click here to read a helpful resource that provides a Catholic perspective on the issue.
12 Steps to Help Your Parish Reduce its Carbon Footprint Use this helpful list from GreenFaith showing how congregations can conserve energy.
We the Taxpayers – An Interfaith Conversation weaves together spiritual reflection with short videos focused on our values and Federal revenues.
· Marianist Family - Call to Action for Immigration Reform - Take the Pledge.


  Social Justice Quiz - “How much do you know about inequality in the US?
Awakening the Dreamer  - Let's Save the Earth Together
Catholic Social Teaching on Poverty, Option for the Poor, and the Common Good  - explains why Catholic teaching calls us to develop public policies that protect those in poverty.
How Many Slaves Work for You? Click here to find out.
How Big is Your Ecological Footprint? Click here to find out. 


Adele Social Justice Project Community Starters


Things Marianist:  How We "Do" Social Justice.
    To view an image of the front cover:  Click here.
    To order copies of this six-page pamphlet: Click here.
Resource for Community Reflection/Discussion: 
    How Marianists do Social Justice Click here.
Social Justice the Marianist Way: 
    for use with High School Students Click here.



Want to find a film with a social justice theme? Click here for some suggestions.

Justice Reflections   

Reflections on the Fast and Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty - Five Years Later

MSJC is co-sponsoring the Fast and Vigil to End the Death Penalty on June 29-July 2. Bro. Jerry Sullivan, who joined the fasters several years ago, shares some personal reflections on the experience:
I wrote an article in 2009 about my experience of the 16th Annual Fast and Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC. I wrote about how tough it was in the heat and glare of the sun. But I also wrote about the shared mission of folks, young and old, those who lost loved ones, those exonerated of crimes they didn't commit, those with relatives in prison for murder. It was a healing experience because of the grace of forgiveness that was evident. There was a sense of community. (Read more…)

Be an Advocate for Justice  

Sign the Petition: "A Faithful Call to Address Climate Change"

Addressed to President Obama and Congress, the petition calls for the US to be a leader in international climate change negotiations. Click here  to sign the petition.

Help Address the Crisis of Unaccompanied Children Crossing the US-Mexico Border

Add your voice to the call from the US bishops and Catholic Relief Services to help the unaccompanied children fleeing violence in Central America. Contact your Senators and Representative.

Sign the Social Protection Petition

Please join an important NGO-led effort known as Social Protection for All. It refers to a set of policies and programs that are designed to provide social security on a broad basis throughout the world. The four basic guarantees are: access to essential health care for all; income security for children; assistance for unemployed, underemployed and people living in poverty; and income security for the elderly and disabled. Sign the Social Protection Petition


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Marianist Groups – Programs for YOU
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Social Justice…on the Light Side
To keep from taking ourselves too seriously, click here for some humorous relief.  It will make you smile!

Praying for Social Justice
Sometimes the most important thing we can do, maybe the only thing, is to take our concerns to God. 
Click here to get some prayer ideas.

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    Justice Resource Library
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