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Changemakers: Creating New Responses for New Times

This project, a joint effort of the Marinanist Social Justice Collaborative and the SM Province Office of Peace, Justice, and Integrity of Creation, will provide an opportunity for anyone involved in the Marianist Family to come together to consider the following question:

How can we in the Marianist Family be more significantly involved in the social, economic and environmental transformation that is needed in our world today?

We feel this is a key time in the Marianist Family of resurrecting and reconfiguring and re-imagining what we’re about. The emergence of lay Marianists over the last 40 years has contributed to this. At the same time, we look at what is happening outside and find a lot of people saying the world is not how we would like it to be; and we need to gather and change it so that we can live out the values we think are important. Many people–including young adults–are becoming interested in social justice and are increasingly interested in getting their hands dirty; they see the failings of governments and are joining in grass roots action to get things done.

This includes but transcends the Marianists and the church–all humankind is trying to sort out where we should go and how we can make that happen. As Marianists we need to ask what our role is in that. Chaminade asked us to think big — he asked us to change the world. We feel we are being asked: how are we called to change the world? We wish to join others who feel similarly. In particular we wish to work across “silos” and convene a large “block party” to contribute to this greater cause. At the same time as we think big and try to think fresh, we are conscious that there are other groups trying to do the same thing; there are social justice movements supported by incredibly good thinkers and doers. We wish to contribute to this broader social movement.

This project will be more a process than a one-time event. It will likely continue over a number of months, or possibly go on for a year or more. It probably would include a Big Event that anyone connected with the Marianist Family could attend, either in person or online (via video streaming). At this point, we envision late 2015 or 2016 as the target date.

We are planning three Changemakers gatherings during 2016:

June 17-19 at Chaminade College Prep in West Hills, CA
July 22-24 at St. Mary’s U. in San Antonio TX
October 28-30 at Mt. St. John in Dayton OH

Registration information will be available in February of 2016.